In our latest paper in Bautechnik, we address two challenging topics: the automatic calibration of advanced constitutive models and the significance of the constitutive contact model in realistically simulating soil-structure interaction.

Automatic Calibration & Slopes under Seismic Loading:

We demonstrate the robustness and applicability of numgeo-ACT, a software for automatic calibration of soil mechanical material models for both monotonic and cyclic loading. Using the example of a water-saturated dam under seismic loading, we showcase both its robustness and its excellent predictive capability.

Pull-out Resistance of Grouted Anchors:

What impact does the choice of the constitutive contact model have on the predicted anchor pull-out resistance? Our investigations show that a simple Coulomb friction model cannot capture important components of the load-bearing mechanism. In contrast, the hypoplastic contact model implemented in numgeo leads to significantly better predictions.

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