many geotechnical problems can be tackled using numgeo. Some example applications are given below

The reliable prediction of long-term deformations of offshore wind turbine foundations is important to secure the serviceability of the structure for its entire lifetime. numgeo allows for the study of high-cyclic loading of offshore structures using the high-cycle accumulation (HCA) model

To simulate the long-term behaviour of piles using the HCA model, a small number of individual cycles is simulated as illustrated above

During the last cycle, the strain in each element is recorded and the so-called strain amplitude is calculated

Based on the strain amplitude, the trend of the deformation is simulated. No individual cycles are calculated now which allows for the simulation of an arbitrary large number of loading cycles

The results of the simulation show a good accordance with results from model tests


The numerical modelling of pile driving is one of the most studied problems in geotechnical research. numgeo allows for the simulation of pile driving in water saturated soils including inertia effects

During vibratory driving, the effective stress increases considerably in the vicinity of the pile tip

The comparison between results of model tests on vibratory driven piles and the simulation show a good accordance in terms of pile displacement over time

In addition, the pore water pressure development in the vicinity of the pile can be reproduced well by both u-p and u-p-U elements