New paper: Factor of Safety for slopes subjected to earthquake loading

How to determine a Factor of Safety of water-saturated slopes under earthquake loading accounting for material-induced failure and the role of pore-fluids? Not an everyday question, but all the more challenging for it.

Together with Christoph Schmüdderich (corresponding author), Felipe Prada and Torsten Wichtmann we present an extended strain-dependent slope stability concept by Nitzsche and Herle (2020) which allows advanced constitutive models to be included in the analysis. Tolerable computation times are achieved by using machine learning algorithms.

Free access to the paper until November 30th:,63b~yZ2I

New numgeo release

We have now released a new numgeo version, with plenty of new features, bugfixes and new examples.

In particular, we have added

  • an example for a 3D monopile simulation using the HCA model and
  • examples for infiltration problems using the 3-phase elements in numgeo.
  • a simulation of a 3D pile with comparison of the results to a commercial code

Some specific new features:

  • Compliant base boundary conditions
  • Including external files in input file
  • AVISA-2022 (thanks to Merita Tafili!)
  • Karlsruhe hydraulic model (soil water retention curve accounting for void ratio dependence and scanning curves)
  • Modified Cam-Clay (”Terzaghi”- and ”Butterfield”-version)
  • Matsuoka-Nakai model (thanks to Christoph Schmüdderich!)
  • Support of (arbitrary) user-defined external solvers
  • Variable bishop effective stress parameter

The keyword reference manual contains a list of bugs we have resolved since the initial release…