We have now released a new numgeo version, with plenty new features, bugfixes and new examples.

In particular, we have added:

  • An example for a 3D monopile simulation using the HCA model
  • Examples for infiltration problems using the 3-phase elements in numgeo.
  • A simulation of a 3D pile with comparison of the results to a commercial code

Some specific new features:

  • Compliant base boundary conditions
  • Including external files in input file
  • AVISA-2022 (thanks to Merita Tafili!)
  • Karlsruhe hydraulic model (soil water retention curve accounting for void ratio dependence and scanning curves)
  • Modified Cam-Clay (”Terzaghi”- and ”Butterfield”-version)
  • Matsuoka-Nakai model (thanks to Christoph Schm├╝dderich!)
  • Support of (arbitrary) user-defined external solvers
  • Variable bishop effective stress parameter

The keyword reference manual contains a list of bugs we have resolved since the initial release.

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